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    13 Things You Should Never do in a Cigar Lounge

    March 21, 2017

    Cigar lounges are some of the best places that you can enjoy a fine cigar and a fine wine. But there are some things that you should never do when you are in a cigar lounge. Here are 13 things you should never do when you’re in a cigar lounge.

    #1: Lick your cigar’s wrapper before cutting it

    This is something that happened years ago before cigars were properly humidified by shops and importers. The majority of the cigars that you are seeing, touching and smoking are perfectly humidified so you don’t want to lick it. People won’t think much of you for doing it.

    #2: Belittle or criticize another smoker’s cigar

    This is something you should never do. No matter if a cigar’s $2 or if it’s $25. That’s the cigar that they like. Don’t ruin that person’s experience. It’s like saying something disparaging about what someone else is eating.

    #3: Brag about a Cuban cigar you smoked

    Yes, you may have had a Cuban cigar. Yes, it might have been the best you’ve ever had. That doesn’t mean that everyone wants to hear about it. Also, if you didn’t really smoke a Cuban cigar and you’re just trying to make yourself look impressive, someone might call your bluff. So it’s not a good idea to take a chance.

    #4: Butt into someone else’s conversation and talk about yourself

    This should be common sense. But this is something that a lot of people od because a cigar often will bring out the big egos. Don’t talk about yourself. There’s a good chance that you aren’t nearly as interesting as you think that you are.

    #5: Talk about religion and politics

    This is never a good idea anywhere, but especially when you are with people you don’t know. These are topics htat can really make things uncomfortable. Remember that you are with people from different beliefs, both politically and religiously. It’s better to stick with safe topics such as plans for the season or a favorite drink to enjoy while smoking a cigar.

    #6: Blow smoke in another person’s face

    This is just rude. So don’t do it. You wouldn’t want someone else to do it to you, so don’t do it to them.

    #7: Smoke a cigarette

    It’s called a cigar lounge for a reason. Smoking a cigarette is the equivalent of pour punch into expensive wine. Most of the enjoyment of a cigar is the aroma. When you pollute that with plain cigarette smoke, you are going to ruin the whole experience for everyone else.

    #8: Take a puff on someone else’s cigar

    This is similar to asking another person if you can kiss their spouse. It’s very rude and you shouldn’t do it.

    #9: Beg another person

    Would you want someone else to ask you if they can have one of your cigars? Probably not. So you shouldn’t do it to someone else. Even if someone is known for being generous, don’t ask. Wait for them to offer. Or you can ask someone else if they would be willing to trade one of their cigars for one of yours.

    #10: Drink lots of another person’s liquor

    There are people who are willing to shore a bottle of liquor. But if you didn’t bring one to share, then don’t keep taking even if they offer. It’s always good to give. If you don’t have any to give then don’t keep taking.

    #11: Take someone else’s lighter or cutter

    If someone loans you their lighter or cutter, make sure you give it back to them before you leave. If you walk away with their tools, they’re going to be in the same situation that you were in and have to borrow someone else’s.

    #12: Stamp out the cigar when you’re done smoking it

    This is something you do with a cigarette, not a cigar. You shouldn’t smash your cigar against the ash tray once you’re done smoking it.

    #13: Getting sick because you drank and smoke too much

    This makes you look bad. So know your limit. Plus it will ruin everyone’s experience. P


    You’ll enjoy your experience at a cigar lounge. But you also want to make sure that everyone else around you is enjoying their experience too. So remember these 13 things you should never do in a cigar lounge and don’t do them.

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