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    Havana Tranquility has created the premier cigar club in Florida with private member lounge. The amenities and benefits available to our members set a high standard that few cigar clubs can match. Havana Tranquility offers a friendly, relaxing environment in which members can share their love of cigars and the “good life.”

    For those select aficionados who have been dreaming of that perfect private smoking sanctuary, it’s time to celebrate because your dream has come true!

    Havana Tranquility offers a VIP “members only” exclusive lounge, which is open 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. One of Havana Tranquility’s amenities include custom designed hand made cigar chairs with built in humidor and ashtray along with a drink holder. We have personal cigar lockers for rent, 2 high-definition TV’s and our ventilation system is like no other. There is also an honor humidor with cigars for sale, also available 24/7.

    This reserved club is not accessible by key, but by a biometric fingerprint scanner to ensure that only VIP members can access this private slice of heaven.

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